Most important 7 Reasons for Selecting an eReader

The eReader segment has truly warmed up in the last couple of years. According to a freshly released Harris poll, 28% of U.S. adults at present possess an eReader. Looking ahead an extra 13% plan to purchase one within the next 6 months; this is a total of 41% within Six months. So does this mean the end of the printed book? While the quantity of ebooks bought doubled during the past year to 20%, there was just a minor decline in the quantity of physical books bought within the same timeframe. Actually, people that own eReaders are deciding to buy about the same quantity of physical books they generally buy. That is definitely the truth with me, though I’ve got a Kindle Touch (and love it by the way), I’m nonetheless choosing physical books. There’s nothing really like the smell and feel of a brand new book.

So why did I decide to additionally buy an eReader? Straightforward really, there was just far too many convincing reasons not to. Being an keen reader, the advantages an eReader gave me was simply too numerous to give up, plus I am a slight technology nut besides. In this hub, I will be listing the best 7 reasons I think anyone who has a fascination or passion in reading should buy an eReader.

No.1 Storage

The 1st big reason for getting an eReader is going to be the sheer volume of books it is able to store. If for example the really cheap eReaders can hold many hundreds of books, the best models such as the Kindle, Nook or Sony ones holds thousands. This is particularly useful when going travelling or on vacation. As opposed to taking several books which will fill up useful luggage space, you can easily take a single device that takes up the room of approximately a third of a paperback.

No.2 Free books

Not a lot of people today are aware that any book published prior to 1923 is free to download. The reason is , the copyright only protects a book for a certain amount of time. This means that thousands of fantastic books are absolutely free to download. Books that include: War and Peace, Tom Sawyer, David Copperfield, Jane Ayre, simply to mention a few can be yours for free. Quite a number of these books will cost around $10 if you needed to buy the physical copies of them. In actual fact I have saved a sufficient amount of cash from downloading these free books, that it has more than covered the outlay of my Kindle.

No.3 Can change the font size

This can be great for people that require large print to read. Any ebook’s font size can be increased at no further cost. Subsequently if someone else wants to use or borrow your eReader, the text could then be altered back to normal size. You can also alter the font type to an array of different kinds.

No.4 Convenience

eReaders are incredibly thin (normally just 30% as thick as a standard paperback) and light which makes them really compact. They can fit without difficulty into bags, handbags as well as jackets or jean pockets.

No.5 Free Book Samples

What percentage of people have been suggested a book by friends or family or read great reviews in newspapers or the internet, to be truly unsatisfied as soon as you began reading it? Not only is it the waste of money, but it’s also the time and energy you put into reading the book. With most eReader stores such as Amazon’s Kindle store and Barnes & Noble’s Nook store it is possible to download for free of charge sample chapters of any books that appeal to you. In this way you are able to determine if the book is for you before handing over any money.

No.6 Download a book almost instantly

Just finished reading a book and would like to buy another one? Maybe you’ve just finished the second book in a trilogy and are just can’t wait to discover the way it all ends. But wait, the shops are closed and ordering it online will need Two days for the book to reach you. Using eReaders you can look, assess then select a book almost anywhere and at anytime. Then download it to your device in in most cases under a minute. Exactly how easy is that?

No.7 Built-in Dictionary, Thesaurus & Translator

Reading a paragraph and really don’t comprehend a thing, or would like that word translated straight into another language, you can forget about needing to get a thesaurus or dictionary or your English to Spanish dictionary, you can do it all instantly on your eReader. Basically highlight the word and you can instantly understand the meaning of that word, it’s source, additional similar words or translate it into a number of different languages.

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