New Premium Sony Ereader

An attractive and innovative eBook reader: Sony PRS-950.

Sony PRS-950 is the company’s top e-book reader and has just been released. It is the second generation Sony Daily Edition e-book reader. It has several advanced features than its siblings the Sony Reader Pocket Edition and Sony PRS-650 but the most important among them is premium ereader it offers the wireless connections i.e. it has both 3G and WiFi connectivity. Its WiFi connection allows you to browse the internet using the latest basic browser although its free 3G services enables connecting to Sony’s eBook store to find the news wirelessly. You can also evidently use it to get any new releases, or classics of all your favorite books. Sony Daily Reader features a glare free 7-inch wide touch display with a new Pearl display high-end eBook reader gives enhanced reading capabilities. In any lighting condition it will be effortless to read the high contrast text, whether it is bright daylight or in the evening.

Like earlier Sony Reader Daily Edition the Sony Reader Daily Edition is also offered solely in the United States of America and across the border inside Canada. This is on account of the explanation premium ereader the Sony Online Store is forced with a regional limitations high-end ereader lets it advertise its digital books and other goods only in the United States & Canada. Nevertheless, premium ereader said, the Sony Reader Daily Edition has a highly compact & lightweight shape build of 9.5 ounces. Sony PRS-950 does not include the screen protection of earlier designs, which permits for eradicating practically most of the glare concerns. Infrared design is utilized for the touch screen thus allowing touch e-ink e-reader technology to hit its stride.

Now let us highlight the features of the Sony Reader Daily Edition:

New touch screen – it happens to be the most recent quality of the Sony PRS-950 e-readers. This touch display doesn’t have any cover film thus elliminating the shine related to it. It is a high contrast view with much darker blacks. The infrared technology is used in the touch screen for precisely and rapidly sensing the tap of a person’s finger or stylus. This makes the Sony PRS-950 different. A stylus is as well provided for using the touch display. Sensitivity is so overwhelming premium eBook reader even a whisper’s stroke can activate it. Other neat features like adding memo, notes, doodles, on-screen keyboard, bookmarks, built-in dictionary, manual controls for altering the brightness and contrast, hyperlinks following, creating, managing, deleting collections , etc.

Sony Daily Reader is the single existing e-paper e-book reader premium ereader comes with a 7″ wide screen.

Device- unlike the earlier PRS-900 Sony Daily Edition, the latest Sony PRS-950 is obtainable in silver color. It has a metallic flipside but can not be detached for accessing the battery. It includes of a seam on the the left side on the unit to the left of the screen.

Internet browser-Sony PRS-950 is the lone e-book reader premium eBook reader features a web browser. Only a wireless network supports the web browser , not the 3G. The manual provided with the reader reveals premium eBook reader it is reliable for both mobile and web sites but the tests confirm high-end ereader regular sites are also easily reachable. You can even bookmark your favorite websites with the help of the onscreen keyboard. Following hyperlinks is also dead simple.

Sony Reader Daily Edition is an superior touch display high-end eBook reader premium ereader gives you wireless support, ultra responsive touch functionality and so much more. Even its metallic looks are very persuasive. Being distinctive in its features it is an ideal premium ereader for everyone.

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